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A Time to Rest and Reset

Hello Friends,

  I just wanted to let you know that I will once again be taking time off this summer from blogging.  This year I plan on taking six weeks to rest and reset.

  I am currently doing an excellent study by Sarah Koontz from Living by Design called Reclaiming the Sabbath. I am only in week two, but it has caused me to reflect and reassess what it truly means to participate in Sabbath rest.   I've also been thinking a lot about rest in general lately.  A choosing each day to be still and know that He is God...

I've lost that Karen...  The Karen who used to just sit outside - observing God's creation, listening to the birds and watching the clouds flit by...  The Karen who would feel God's presence and hear Him speak to her heart..

And all because I have chosen instead to be distracted by a smartphone that brings the world and all of ITS pursuits and worries right to my mind the moment a notification pops up from all manner of social media.  A device that crea…

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