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5 Ways to Navigate the Chaos of Your Life

It wasn’t really expected.   Maybe it should have been.   However, I never saw it coming.   In the span of about 24 hours, several crazy storms collided together to form the perfect storm in my little world.   Several close relatives (including my son) contracted COVID. Also, unexpected doors closed and some unexpected bills appeared—all as the noises of crazy politics were streaming in the background.   When I woke up the morning after all of the waves, winds, waters, and issues all clashed and clamored into my world, I began to pray.   My prayer was simple… what do I do with all of this, Lord?       Maybe you’ve been there lately as well, wondering what to do with the anxiety, the crazy, exhausting, and the unbelievable things in your life.   It’s possible you have also prayed as I did asking God what you should do with the chaos.   As I began to pray, open the Bible, and journal, a few very simple thoughts formed. I share them with you today because they have helped me so much.    

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