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The Lord Remembers - A Story of Faith

~A Guest Post by Cheryl Smith, Homespun Devotions~
Growing up, I had this dream that I would meet Mr. Right, get married at age 21, and have my first child at age 24. For some reason, that was just how I envisioned things would be. I did grow up, met Kevin, the man of my dreams, got married at age 21, and just assumed the next part of my childhood dream would fall into place. God had other plans.

After Kevin and I were married in June of 1988 and began planning to start our family, we soon realized that something must be wrong. I began seeing doctors and was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Disease, along with possible endometriosis, and anovulation due to the PCOS. The last OB/GYN I went to told us that even with fertility drugs, there was little hope of me ever conceiving a baby. This diagnosis was on February 11, 1998, almost ten years after we were married.

During those years of such disappointment and frustration and trying very hard to understand God’s
purpose, my Dad became ve…

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