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A Time of Refreshing

 ...that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord
Acts 3:20a

My husband and I are excitedly looking forward to a trip this coming week to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Amish Country.  A trip that we had to plan quite spur of the moment and essentially just days before leaving.

It's been ten years since we have visited this beautiful area and its peaceful people.  I can't wait to hear the clip-clop of the horse and buggy going up the road or to take in the vistas of farmland as far as the eye can see.

I had prayed that the Lord would show me where we should vacation and where we should stay.  Amish Country kept popping into my mind.  I then began looking for accommodations in the area and found a reasonable apartment attached to a persons home.  I later found out that the owners are Beachy Amish AND they have invited us to attend their Beachy Amish/Mennonite church next Sunday.  I am sooo excited!!!  

For those of you who aren't familiar, the Beachy Amish are Evangelical Christians who do use cars, electricity and the internet, but do not have TVs.  They dress in the traditional Amish clothing.  The church we will be attending, with our gracious hosts, practice segregated seating during the service.  I know it will be such a blessing to attend.

My husband and I will also be going to see the story of Samson at Sight and Sound.  This will be our first time seeing a show at  Sight and Sound.   From what I understand, the Biblical story productions are bigger than life.  Everyone who has ever attended a show there always raves about it.

Just by chance, my husband and I had stopped to talk to our Pastor and his wife after service this morning only to find out that they too will be at Sight and Sound to see Samson the same night we are!  And mind you this is a 5 hour ride away for all of us!  God is sooo good to have ordered our steps in such a delightful way!  We are hoping to be able to meet up prior to the show.

This upcoming week promises to be a great time of refreshing.  Looking forward to spending time with our Christian hosts, attending their church and soaking up the prevailing Christian culture that shows itself everywhere in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I look forward to writing about out experiences at some future point here on the blog.

For now, I will be taking a blogging vacation and will be back Monday, the 29th with an all new post!  

May your week be blessed.

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  1. Oh, this is SO wonderful, sweet friend!!!!! What a joyous blessing to behold how God orchestrated the details of this amazing trip for you!! I have never heard of Beachy interesting. I can't wait to read your post telling us all about everything. You deserve this so much. Enjoy and cherish every second!!! Sending you much love and hopes for many blessings on your journey!

    1. Thank you dear Cheryl! We intend to! :-=)

      God showed Himself again in this circumstance. I had received an email from a friend last week, but only got around to reading it today, and what do I see, her encouraging those she had emailed including me to go see Samson at Sight and Sound!! She and her husband had gone and said out wonderful it was! If that wasn't enough, she had sent an encouraging devotional about Samson and encouraged us to read through Judges for the account of Samson for context of the devotional. I couldn't believe it! She had no idea what our plans were, especially when she sent the email I didn't even know we were going there, but God did! :-)

      Blessings sweet friend.

  2. Karen, have a wonderful time!!! :-)

    I miss you; you are in my heart and prayers--

    Much love in Him,

    1. Thank you Bekki! We did!!

      I can't wait to share all about our experiences in an upcoming blog post!

      I miss you too! Your prayers are always such a comfort to me.

      I continue to lift your family up to our Heavenly Father.



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