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2 Powerful Words that will Increase Your Faith in God

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If you've spent a lot of time in the Psalms, you will notice a style of praying that is powerful, and I believe is the key to increasing your faith in God...

The Psalmists use two powerful words, "{God} will".

The definition of will is:  expressing inevitable events

Those inspired by God to write the Psalms, spoke the Truth of who God is, highlighted what they knew His character to be and claimed His promises, many times in the midst of severe trial.

This is a beautiful template for building your faith in God...

How to Increase your Faith in God

If we take our cue from the Psalmists, we can look through all of Scripture for "{God} will" statements of the Bible, meditate upon them, memorize them, and pray them.

There are a few areas where we can struggle with our faith that I'd like to focus on for today's post.

These heavy hitter verses will increase your faith...

You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You.
Isaiah 26:3

When we are anxious or afraid, we have God's assurance that He WILL keep us in perfect peace when our mind is stayed on Him.

It's that simple...

Trusting God, staying focused on His Words, His Attributes and His Love will increase our faith in Him.

God will strengthen you with his own great power 
so that you will not give up when troubles come, 
but you will be patient.
Colossians 1:11 NCV

Just a disclaimer... Even though this is part of the Apostle Paul's prayer for the Colossians, this version began a new sentence with "God will".  And although Paul is petitioning the Lord to do these things in and through the Colossians, the Truth of this God will statement is confirmed by other verses in the Bible for all Believers.  

We seem to be at our weakest when troubles come.  Both emotionally and physically, our emotions take their toll on our bodies.

Here we see that God WILL not only strengthen us with His great power, but He WILL help us to not give up when troubles come AND, wait for it, strengthen us with patience!  In our humanness, patience is not necessarily a virtue.

This verse will go a long way in bolstering our faith in God as we rely on His strength.

And my God will supply every need of yours 
according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

A big pet peeve I'm sure of many people is when someone tells them off-handedly "Oh, don't worry.  It'll be fine."  Yet that person is not walking in your shoes or experiencing what you are.  Sure, we aren't supposed to worry, but sometimes that is easier said than done.  It is better to be a listening ear for someone or to offer encouragement.

But there is Someone who tells us not to worry, Words we must listen to in order to strengthen our faith... "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Jesus doesn't tell us not to worry off-handedly, He is telling us not to worry because HE will supply EVERYTHING we need for life and living.  The Lord is our Provider.  He takes great pleasure in helping His children, for then He is glorified.


May we all feel our faith increasing as we hold on to the Truths of these "God will" statements that He WILL supply our every need, He WILL strengthen us and He WILL keep us in perfect peace.

How to Build your Faith and Trust in God

Now that we have started our faith strength training by reading the "{God} wills" of the Bible, it's time to start claiming them for ourselves.

One of the best ways to start out is to remember back to God's past faithfulness.  As we recall each time the Lord brought us through a trial, healed us or a loved one, provided for us when the money ran out, strengthened us for a difficult task or calmed our anxious hearts, we will be retraining our faith muscles to build upon our existing faith.

It would be a great faith-building exercise, whether there is a Bible verse for it or not, to write down all the "{God} dids" that we have already experienced and to turn them into "{God} wills" for the future.  I'm sure we would be in awe!

Building our faith and trust in God can be a daily exercise too!  By setting out each day to be mindful of "God sightings", we will see Him working in and through our circumstances. Every night by recounting all the day's blessings, our faith will be strengthened as we call to mind how God has worked in and through us, showing His faithfulness and trustworthiness.

As for faith-building into the future, the very act of stepping out into an unknown area we feel God has called us to, will build our faith as we trust God to direct, guide and sustain our steps.

Our faith and trust in God will increase as we recall His past faithfulness, recognize His present trustworthiness and believe He will be faithful in the future.

How to grow in faith

Our faith will grow when we spend much time in prayer and meditation on all that God WILL do for us, rather than focusing on those things we feel He can't do.  Remember, nothing is impossible with God!

It is also important to pray and meditate upon God's eternal love, His character and His attributes to reinforce our "{God} wills"

Prayer will increase our faith through a strengthening of our relationship with the Lord.

In the same way, the Word of God increases our faith through the accounts of the saints before us who tell of God's great faithfulness.

When we believe that God will, all we have to do, then, is rest in those promises, it's that simple.

Not only will these two powerful words "{God} will" increase our faith, but we will find blissful freedom in a faith that is built on God and God alone.

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  1. May we rest in the promise that "God will". Thanks for this reminder. Many blessings to you!

    1. Hi Boma, You are very welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

      Sending blessings right back to you. :-)

  2. I appreciated these heavy hitter verses and the assurance of God will! Praise Him for his faithfulness!

    1. Hi Bethany, Amen!

      Thanks so much for stopping by. :-)

  3. Thank you for this analysis of two wet important words to our faith!

    1. You are very welcome Michele! Thanks so much for stopping by. :-)

  4. I love this. It's not just that God *can*, but that God *will*. Thanks! So glad you link up at Grace & Truth.

    1. Hi Lisa, You are very welcome!

      I enjoyed your visit here! :-)

  5. Thank you so much the word of God. It really help me to Grow and build my Fain in God. God bless you always.

    1. You are very welcome! Praising God that you found help here to grow and build your faith in God.

      Blessings to you too!


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