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Scripture Saturday - December 5, 2015

Whenever I read Revelation 21:3, I stop and ponder the magnitude of the words contained within, "Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man..."

Whenever behold is written in the Scriptures, it alerts the reader to pay close attention to the words that follow...

HELPS Word-studies shares the following definition of behold...

2396 íde (the aorist imperative of 1492 /eídō, "to know, see") – properly, a Greek imperative meaning "Behold!" – literally, "Be sure to see . . . !," i.e. "Don't miss this! It is an observable, objective fact!"

What is Revelation 21:3 telling us to behold?   The dwelling place of God is with man!

Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible shares the following commentary on Revelation 21:3...

"And I heard a great voice out of heaven - As if uttered by God himself or the voice, of angels.

Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men - The tabernacle, as that word is commonly used in the Scriptures, referring to the sacred “tent” erected in the wilderness, was regarded as the unique dwelling-place of God among his people - as the temple was afterward, which was also called a “tabernacle.” See the notes on Hebrews 9:2. The meaning here is, that God would now dwell with the redeemed, as if in a tabernacle, or in a house specially prepared for his residence among them. It is not said that this would be “on the earth,” although that may be; for it is possible that the earth, as well as other worlds, may yet become the abode of the redeemed. See the notes on 2 Peter 3:13.

And he will dwell with them - As in a tent, or tabernacle - σκηνώσει skēnōsei  This is a common idea in the Scriptures.

And they shall be his people - He will acknowledge them in this public way as his own, and will dwell with them as such.

And God himself shall be with them - Shall be permanently with them; shall never leave them.

And be their God - Shall manifest himself as such, in such a manner that there shall be no doubt."

Amazing!  The voice of an Angel or of God Himself proclaimed that He would dwell with His people...

Matthew Poole's Commentary shares the following...

"What is said here, is applicable to the church of God in this life, yea, to every true believer, whose body is said to be the temple of the Lord, and in whom the Lord dwells, according to the phrase of the Holy Ghost in many places of the New Testament; of whom it is also true, that God is 
with them, and will be their God; but more especially applicable to the church triumphant, as dwelling signifies a constancy of abode, and more full manifestation of a person. The state of the saints in glory is thus described by a being ever with the Lord, 1 Thessalonians 4:17."

Our great God and Father has chosen to be physically with us in every season of His reign...

In the desert, as a great cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night...

At the incarnation, when God condescended Himself to be a tiny helpless babe in a manger growing into a man who walked the earth among His people for 33 years...

After Jesus' crucifixion, with many appearances, most especially to the disciples...

After Jesus ascended visibly into the clouds, making a way for the Holy Spirit to indwell His people...

That great day when He will return descending from the clouds and we will reign with Him forever...

The saying is trustworthy, for: If we have died with him, we will also live with him; if we endure, we will also reign with him...
 2 Timothy 2:11–12

I used to wonder why the Israelites would become so fearful or would complain in the desert when they had a physical sign right in front of them that God was actually there!  To me it would be easier to trust and be comforted because of the tangible sign of the presence of God.

We may not have a pillar of fire by night or a cloud by day, but we have God's promise, a promise heralded from His own voice or that of an angel telling us to "Be sure to see this!" or "Don't miss this!"

God is with us!  

Love Divine, All Loves Excelling is a hymn whose lyrics share the glories of every aspect of God's dwelling with man throughout the ages and age to come.  You can read more about the hymn in my Wednesday Worship post here.

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  1. I remember the first time I read the OT and I too couldn't believe how quickly the Hebrews reverted to complaining. Then I watched myself - and yes I do the exact same! Even after reading and understanding the awesome Gospel and realizing the Spirit lives and dwells within us, often I "forget" and complain. May I slow down and truly focus on His name this Advent.

    1. Carrie, I am right there with you. So many times I will mutter to myself, "You are acting just like the Israelites in the desert." Thank you so much for sharing.


      Blessings to you too! :-)

  2. Praise God! Worship sprang from deep within as I read your edifying words. To think that He would come down and be willing to dwell within us! Emmanuel...God WITH us!! We sing a song that says this, "Oh, glory to Jesus, so sweet in me, my body Thy temple, shall forever be." I am so thankful that He CHOSE to come down and condescend to dwell within us! What a Savior! Thank you for sharing what God laid upon your heart...I leave here refreshed and encouraged, as always! Sending you much love, sweet friend!

    1. Cheryl, Thank you so much for sharing and for your sweet words of encouragement. You always bless me.

      Blessings to you sweet Cheryl.


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