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Tuesday Thoughts - November 17, 2015

Welcome to Tuesday Thoughts!  So glad you are here!  :-)

This week's weather featured lots of rain and wind.   As a result, most of the leaves are down from the trees in our backyard, opening up my view to the fields again.

I realized this year, after a visit to my brother's home, that I like open spaces more than I do thick foliage and trees.   Recently, an area of woods next to his home was cleared out revealing beautiful views of low mountains, a vast amount of stars at night,  and the twinkling lights of homes far off in the distance.  While we were there, we were able to watch a thunderstorm roll in.   My mom tells me it is because of my Irish roots that I love open spaces, rolling hills and pasture lands.  :-)

Unfortunately, this week my granddaughter and I came down with a cold on the very same day - her first one ever.  :-( Thankfully, it wasn't too serious, but was still so heartbreaking to see her sick.   It was such a blessing, though, to see her momma and daddy care for her so tenderly.

What have I lingered over this week?
  • Walking in the woods with my husband, the sun setting,  nighttime dampness settling in after a warmish November day, enhancing the aroma of the fallen leaves...
  • Looking out my back slider late at night, seeing the fog settling in over the fields, a few twinkling lights from the houses in the distance, loving the November night sky, feeling cozy and warm inside...

  • Listening to the wind howling through the bare branches, childhood memories coming to the surface, a little girl lying on her sled in the snow, underneath a pine tree, loving the sound of the wind in the trees...
  • A Sunday drive with my husband, taking in the beauty of the countryside, big old homes with much land between them, reminding me of Currier and Ives depicted Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings in the country...
  • Seeing a house with a corner window, transporting me back to my childhood friend's bedroom, her desk sitting in front of a corner window, me loving to look out her window to see the other part of their home, thinking how cozy it all was...
  • Looking out my kitchen sink window at just the right time to see a squirrel repeatedly throwing leaves up in the air as if he was shouting, "Hip Hip Hooray - Hip Hip Hooray!"...

  • Looking over at my son-in-law coming through the front door after a late night fishing excursion, one hand raised saying, "I am victorious!", the Rocky theme music playing in my head, his excitement at catching a 20 lb. striped bass contagious, showing me pictures of his prize...

What have I pondered this week?

A red cup...  But not for reasons you might think...

Suddenly my Facebook newsfeed was filled with posts of articles from Christians rebuking other Christians over a red cup.  I was confused.   First of all, I wasn't even aware of the red cup controversy until seeing the posts I just described.  I saw that people were posting on Facebook wondering what this red cup thing was all about - brought to their attention by Christians calling out Christians...

As I pondered these Facebook posts, Christians publicly admonishing Christians, it wasn't about the red cup at all, it was the fact that Christians chose a public forum to air their judgments over a group of Christians who were taking a stand on what they personally believed was the continued war on Christmas.  Whether or not a person agrees with the manner in which some Christians expressed displeasure with Starbucks decision to use a plain red cup, {it's not as if this group of Christians was openly supporting the slaughter of innocent babies} it boils down to this, a group of Christians desiring to advocate for the preservation of Christmas.

I was greatly saddened to see this behavior, Christians calling out Christians, showing the world a divisive spirit, just because fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord took a stand for Christmas - the celebration of Christ's birth.

What am I waiting on God for?
  • Answers to prayer in loved ones lives...
  • Clear direction for how to proceed with my tooth...
  • Healing for reflux situation...
  • New friendships...
What am I relying on God for?
  • Courage for whatever course of action is needed for my tooth
  • Direction in loved one's lives
  • My walk of obedience
  • Writing blog posts
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  1. Yes, yes! Waiting on God, relying on God ... and encouraging each other in the process. That's our call, our pleasure, His joy ...

    1. Linda,

      Thank you for sharing!

      So glad you visited! :-)

  2. Karen, what a blessing from the Lord you are! Your very encouraging and specific comments on my blog posts are just a reflection of who and Whose you are...a child of God, trusting Him and glorifying Him with every thought and every word here on your blog...many blessings to you, your granddaughter, and your sweet family today ❤️

    1. Beth, Your words mean so much. You have blessed and encouraged me.

      Thank you so much! Many blessings to you too! :-)

  3. Happy to be your neighbor at Still Saturday. My daughter, a Starbucks manager has some insight into the whole red cup controversy. Starbucks red cups only come out at Christmas and every year the design varies. This years design happened to be plain and simple, but not due to any anti Christmas sentiment. If you go inside a Starbucks you fill find the word Christmas all over the decor, and even a Christmas blend of coffee. I agree with you that Christians need to use wisdom and some good old common sense about what they post on social media.

    1. Elizabeth,
      I hadn't formed an opinion one way or the other as far as the red cup was concerned, but I certainly appreciate your daughter's insight as a Starbuck's manager. Thank you very much for sharing. :-)

      And thank you so much for taking the time to comment.

      Blessings to you. :-)

  4. Thanks for linking up at Mondays @ Soul Survival! Blessings!


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