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Tuesday Thoughts - November 24, 2015

Welcome back to Tuesday Thoughts!  I am so glad you are here!

This past week my husband and I enjoyed not one but two fun outing days!

The first was a visit to our favorite country store; one we hadn't been to in quite a while.  Around the holidays is the perfect time to visit there.  If you like candy, they have the old time penny candy which I suspect isn't a penny anymore, lol.  And lots of delectable looking fudge!  Each of the rooms you wander through have all manner of country merchandise, from kitchenware, to trinkets, furniture, paintings, home and holiday decor.  I especially enjoyed sitting in a chair that was perfectly country looking and perfectly prone.  The best kind of chair for my tailbone!  lol.

Afterwards my husband and I headed over to LLBean to look around...

Yesterday, we headed out to Plymouth Massachusetts, another favorite place to visit around Thanksgiving.  My husband and I love to walk  around the graveyard, reading the inscriptions on the headstones, clearly written for our brothers and sisters in the Lord from so long ago.

{I share more about my Plymouth trip here.}

In granddaughter news, Lexi stood herself up in her crib for the first time!  She was quite pleased with herself!

What have I lingered over this week?
  • The sound of a player piano at the old country store, childhood memories flooding back of my best friend's house where I would sit on their piano bench, pressing the player piano foot pedals back and forth, watching the piano keys move, feeling so satisfied listening to the piano play majestically, powered by my little feet...
  • Standing at the copier at work, making numerous copies, the distinct copier smell rising up, bringing back memories of my very first job my senior year in high school working in the high school office, using copiers that weren't equipped to collate, instead a metal contraption to divide out stacks of copies,  manual collation...
  • Driving home from work seeing an elderly woman walking up the street, her manner of walking and her coat reminding me of my own nana, memories of her voice and laughter echoing in my mind, recalling the sweet relationship I had with her, missing her in that moment...
  • Red tail hawks, re-claiming their winter perch in the back fields

  • Driving to work hearing a song on the oldies station bringing back such fun memories of hanging out with my high school friends and being silly...
  • The brightness of the moon, peaking through the bare limbs on a cold November night...

  • Delicious tomato soup and zucchini chips....

What have I pondered this week?

I'm always in awe in how God wires the animal kingdom to be able to walk right after they are born! Instinctively, it's like they walk right out of the womb!  

Yet human babies are so helpless when they are born...

In pondering this, it's so interesting to me that humans, the most intelligent of God's created beings, made in His image, are so needy, helpless and dependent months after birth...

Could it be that God made us to be dependent...  Dependent all of our days on our Heavenly Father who provides ALL our needs...

What am I waiting on God for?
  • Answers to prayer in loved ones lives...
  • Healing for reflux situation...
  • New friendships...
What am I relying on God for?
  • Integrity of tooth prior to extraction
  • Courage for the tooth extraction and subsequent bone build-up...
  • An easy tooth extraction, not requiring surgical removal...
  • Direction in loved one's lives
  • My walk of obedience
  • Writing blog posts
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  1. It's really the little things we should take time to observe-and, we are dependent upon God in both things that seem menial along with those "big" things! Good thoughts! 😊 stopping by from #TellHisStory

    1. Christy, Thank you for sharing and thank you for stopping by! :-)

  2. I would love to be able to visit that country store! It sounds like such a wonderful place to shop. That's so cute that your granddaughter is proud of herself. I love watching little ones proud faces. I hope everything works out with the tooth extraction.

    1. Brenda, It really is! Years ago Yankee Magazine actually did a write up about it which was how we found out it existed.

      She is a cutie! lol.

      Thank you so much. I appreciate your well wishes for my tooth.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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