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Scripture Saturday - October 31, 2015

In my years battling anxiety, I have always taken great comfort in this promise from our Heavenly Father.  The account of the Apostle Peter becoming frightened when walking on water showcases this promise perfectly.  When Peter cried out, "save me", Jesus was right there, grabbing his hand, pulling him up out of the water.  Jesus is still able to pull us up out of the water when we cry out to Him...

Gill's Exposition of the Bible says the following about Psalm 46:1...

"God is our refuge and strength,.... That is, Christ, who is God as well as man, is the "refuge" for souls to fly unto for safety; as for sensible sinners, in a view of danger, wrath, and misery, so for saints, in every time of distress; typified by the cities of refuge, under the legal dispensation; and he it is from whom they have all their spiritual strength, and every renewal and supply of it, to exercise grace, perform duties, withstand enemies, bear the cross patiently, show a fortitude of mind under the sorest distresses, and hold on and out unto the end: in short, he is the strength of their hearts, under the greatest trials, of their lives, amidst the greatest dangers; and of their salvation, notwithstanding all their enemies; 

a very present help in trouble; whether inward or outward, of soul or body; the Lord helps his people under it to bear it, and he helps them out of it in the most proper and seasonable time: they are poor helpless creatures in themselves; nor can any other help them but the Lord, who made heaven and earth; and he helps presently, speedily, and effectually: in the Hebrew text it is, "he is found an exceeding help in trouble" (t); in all kind of trouble that the saints come into, the Lord has been found, by experience, to be an exceeding great helper of them; moreover, he is easily and always to be come at, and found by them for their help."

I found such great comfort in the above exposition of Psalm 46:1 which unpacked the great encouragement found in those few words...

May our first line of defense always be to run to our Strong Tower...

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  1. Thank the dear Lord we have a strong tower to run to...He is always there waiting with outstretched arms. But, oh, how hard it is for us, as His children, to turn loose and allow ourselves to relax in those arms and just know that He will take care of us. It is a continual learning experience....this Christian walk. So thankful He is ever patient with us!

    1. Hi Cheryl, I often think about why I don't relax in my Heavenly Father's arms like I did as a child when I was scared in my earthly father's strength and presence.

      You are absolutely right, it is a continual learning process. Me too! :-)

      Blessings to you my friend.


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