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Tuesday Thoughts - October 20, 2015

Welcome to Tuesday Thoughts!  So glad you are here!  :-)

This past week's weather was typical for our area.  Winter coat in the morning - shorts in the afternoon!  lol.  While heading out for an afternoon walk with my husband, I passed by my son-in-law carrying an assortment of coats, sweaters and sweatshirts in my hand. The look on his face was priceless!  Hey!  A girl has to be prepared right!  lol.

My husband and I then proceeded to our favorite ice cream place where I thoroughly enjoyed my coffee ice cream cone.  After all, we needed sustenance for our hike.  ;-)

After assessing the proper attire from my plethora of outerwear, we headed onto the trail where we enjoyed a lovely Sunday afternoon walk which included unexpected fellowship in the woods!  A friend of my daughters was walking toward us, exploring the park for the first time.  There we stood in the middle of the woods catching up and sharing about what the Lord was doing in our respective churches and rejoiced with each other that we have been blessed with solid church homes.

On Columbus Day, my husband and I enjoyed taking our daughter and granddaughter to the pumpkin patch.

My  husband and I were also blessed with a weekend trip to Northern New England which I will be sharing more about later this week in my Thanksgiving Thursday post.  :-)

What have I lingered over this week?
  • Being in the pumpkin patch with my granddaughter, remembering back to the years we would bring our own children there, and now to be there with my daughter and her daughter, rejoicing in how blessed I am...
  • The smell of leaves on our walk in the woods, taking me back to my childhood when my dad would have our family out hiking every weekend, remembering a game we once played that was spurred on by the discovery of a written note tossed on the trail and my dad's fun imagination as we went on an adventure based on this randomly tossed piece of paper...
  • Blogging on the deck while my daughter was feeding Lexi, the hymn starting to play on my blog's website causing Lexi to whip her head around in glee with her arms wide open and a huge smile on her face, as if she were part of a huge musical production, and then doing a repeat performance every time the music would start again...  
  • Watching Lexi sit up for the first time and seeing the look of sheer joy on her Daddy, Momma and Papi's faces, all of us sharing in the moment together...
  • Listening to the clomping of the horses as they pulled the wagon along we were riding in, enjoying the scenery, snuggled under blankets, imagining long-ago settlers riding in the same manner...

  • Kicking through leaves, an immediate smile coming to my face...

  • Exclaiming with delight upon discovering a red plaid lunchbox in the Old Country Store, memories of my childhood school days flooding back, even the memory of the smell of the inside of my lunch box filled my mind, happy to have been blessed with such a perfectly "Leave it to Beaver" childhood...  :-)

  • The first snow of the season, marking how quickly the seasons change, and how many seasons the Lord has blessed me with...
  • Snow on the pumpkins, reflecting on how much nostalgia Autumn brings, of times long ago, and pleasures enjoyed even still...

  • Pausing to enjoy the beauty of God's incredible creation and all it entails...

What have I pondered this week?
  • During a recent trip to Vermont, I found myself in a nostalgic state.  Echos of memories from when my son was just four months old {He is now 28...} remembering how good he was for his first big trip - it snowed unexpectedly on that October visit too.  More memories just up the road a ways, passing a restaurant, remembering when my son was two years old and couldn't sit still for two minutes, crawling under the booth seats, my husband having to bring him outside while I finished my meal alone in the restaurant... Across the street, seeing a hotel we stayed at, more memories still, this time with an expanded family that included my daughter, the kids a little older now...  Passing the farm museum where my children and husband thought it was funny that whenever I stepped into the barn, the horse would rear up, to the point that I was asked to leave...   
Isn't it funny how an exasperating time, like when my son was crawling under the restaurant table, became such a cherished memory...  Time has a way of doing that...  

Memories, so easily triggered by sights, smells and sounds.  Happy memories causing us to relive the blessing...  

What am I waiting on God for?
  • Answered prayer in a loved one's life
What am I relying on God for?
  • Courage to face the fact that my tooth will need to be extracted; a tooth implant in my future...
  • Writing blog posts...

I offer these thoughts to my God and Savior in praise of His creation, moments enjoyed, and His great promises, and to the Holy Spirit who helps me to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ...

"May the mind of Christ my Savior,
Live in me from day to day,
By His love and pow'r controlling
All I do and say."
Kate B. Wilkinson

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  1. Thank you for letting me into your Tuesday! Blessings!

    1. Your welcome Barbie! I'm glad you stopped by. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Dayle, Praising God for His many blessings. :-)

      Thank you for visiting!

  3. Your weather sounds like mine! Frost in the morning, windows open in the afternoon up here in Minnesota. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures! Visiting from #soulsurvival.

    1. Kristen, Indeed it does! :-)

      You are very welcome!

      Thanks for visiting!


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